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Podcast Secrets 2008

All Podcast Secrets 2008 students will be given the option to receive the class through the Podium product at the raw price of the device.


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Second Podium Project Beta Test Phone Roundtable

You’ll be getting an email on this well but this Friday at 4p Pacific / 7p Eastern, we’re going to do our second Podium Project User’s rountable.

Topics include: the 5-day class – how did that go, the flash upgrades – are the boxes acting better, how would you use the box?

And more.

Please reply here if you can make it.

We’ll make it worth your time 😉


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Class 5 Just Posted – You Should See By 5p Pacific

Class 5 is up. Your lights should be flashing by 5p Pacific.

Look for an email soon about another user roundtable.

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Session 5 On Monday

As stated earlier, learned a little something about content servers with the day 4 class. That was “fun.”

Had NOTHING to do with the boxes by the way, chalk this one up as learning on the side of those who will be using the box to deliver content.

To make sure everyone has the time to get class #4, I’m going to put up class 5 at 5p Pacific on Monday (my Birthday).

Just keeping you in the loop.

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Day 4 Content Delay

Well I learned something do all of this. Put your content on a server you can trust.

(And Mark and I will be talking about backup RSS and server options).

Server problems for both the RSS and the content files. Day 4 is recorded (and a good one :-0) but I can’t publish it yet.

Will try again early in the AM and will publish day 5 Saturday morning to make sure everyone has enough time.

How are you liking the content so far?

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Interesting Results Day 1 of the “New Media Marketing” Class

We’re doing a special 5-day training program this week for all black-box-beta users on the topic of “New Media Marketing.”

The “twist” is that each episode is only available for 24 hours – seeing how audiences will respond to limited time offers.

Well, day 1 brought more people than ever before onto the black box. A big chunk of the audience logged on to get the first class.

The second class is being uploaded and will be live around 5p Pacific.

Did anyone miss the first day? Thoughts / comments?

Heck, did you like the content?

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Black Box Beta Round 2 – An Upgrade And A Free eClass

This was also emailed to everyone but I wanted to post here as well …

First of all, you’ve been heard.

We’re going to upgrade the Black Boxes so that

A – You can add your own Podcasts.

B – You can plug in / unplug the Box at will and still get the flashing blue light when we have something new.

So, you’re going to need to get your box upgraded? How do you do that?

A – Call Mark Schroeder at 408-386-8609 and he’ll walk you through the rest.


New Content

On Monday, I’m going to launch the first of a 5-part class on Social Media Marketing. This is a class that will go on sale at a later date that all Black Box Beta users will be getting for free.

But there is a catch 😉

Monday’s class will only be available for 24 hours.

When Tuesday’s class goes live, Monday’s goes away.

When Wednesday’s class goes live …

You get the idea.

Now, of course, once you download them and move them to your computer, they are yours forever.

It will be a great little test on using the box for it’s full potential.

And, darn it, the class material is pretty good too!

So, contact Mark asap to get your box upgraded.

And look for class 1 on your newly upgraded box at 5p Pacific on Monday.

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Today – 2 Pieces – Release Approx 2p Pacific

#11 – The recording of the beta user conference call. Interesting stuff for all of us.

#12 – The full interview I did with a Podcaster making 3 to 5 thousand a month in nothing but donations.

Check for the flashing blue light around 2p Pacific. If you don’t see it, ping us here.

And, as always, as many deals as possible please.

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Links.PDF is in the Queue

The links.pdf file is in the queue and some of you have already downloaded it.

At this point, the Blue Light on your Black Box should be flashing. If it isn’t, please comment here accordingly.


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Piece #10 Is A PDF

Piece #10 is a PDF file about getting great inbound links for your site. Please don’t share it with anyone and look for your box to be blinking shortly before tonight’s telecall.

If your blue light isn’t flashing by then, please let us know.

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