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50 Boxes In My Garage – Beta Test 1 Begins Next Week

I have 50 Casgle Podium boxes in my garage. We’ve been testing the box here at home and are ready to send to 50 involved in the beta program.

O.k., 49, I’m taking one box with me to Big Seminar to demo there. Will be interesting to see how it does behind the hotel firewall.

The 50 beta testers will be getting a combo of the entire Podcast Secrets class, as well as additional content to test this mechanism as a (premium) subscription content delivery paradigm. Program will run for three months. The question will be at the end of the three months – will they want to pay to keep the boxes, or return the boxes for their deposit.

We know the tech works – the question now is does this delivery mechanism “work” for content consumers (customers)?

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April 20, 2007 - Posted by | Beta Test, Podcast Secrets, Podium

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