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Podcast Secrets 2008

All Podcast Secrets 2008 students will be given the option to receive the class through the Podium product at the raw price of the device.


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Learning Point #1 — Make Sure They Know The Risks

In this first stage of the Podium Beta Project, we were/are telling everyone to use the Podcast Secrets players.

That wasn’t enough.

One customer saw the iPod dock and docked her iPod.

At this point, no content, so it simply charged the iPod.

But, had we had content … it wouldn’t have been good.

The learning point is this. Make sure the audience understands what might happen if they don’t follow directions.

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The First Black Box Betas Went “Out” Today

45 Podcast Secrets students (and a few non-students) were mailed their Casgle Podium Box today. They should start arriving Tuesday and beyond.

The Beta Test has begun. We can’t wait to share the results.

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Our First Snag – Yes, We’ll Report Those Here As Well

In theory, the Podium works with all stick MP3 players.

Our goal was to test it on this one:

Podcast Secrets Player

Makes sense don’t you think? Our first batch of users for the Podium Project will be Podcast Secrets users so it is always great when a plan comes together.

But, as luck would have it the designer of this MP3 player series is missing a weee bit of code in their hardware that prevents us from using it with the system.

Podium is still solid and we got a great product here – we just didn’t choose the smartest player OEM.

So, what will we do?

For the beta test, we’ll be sending everyone a 512meg player that we know works.

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50 Boxes In My Garage – Beta Test 1 Begins Next Week

I have 50 Casgle Podium boxes in my garage. We’ve been testing the box here at home and are ready to send to 50 involved in the beta program.

O.k., 49, I’m taking one box with me to Big Seminar to demo there. Will be interesting to see how it does behind the hotel firewall.

The 50 beta testers will be getting a combo of the entire Podcast Secrets class, as well as additional content to test this mechanism as a (premium) subscription content delivery paradigm. Program will run for three months. The question will be at the end of the three months – will they want to pay to keep the boxes, or return the boxes for their deposit.

We know the tech works – the question now is does this delivery mechanism “work” for content consumers (customers)?

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Podium and the Podcast Secrets Test

In short, here is how it is going to work:

50 Podcast Secrets customers are going to get a Podium Box.

Every time they attach their Podcast Secrets MP3 player to the Podium Box, it will update them with the latest class.

No RSS, no iTunes, no muss, no fuss.

When the light flashes, they have a new class. They’ll put their player on the Podium and it will charge the player and fill it with new content.

Test 1 – Does it work?Completed – it works great.

Test 2 – Will they use it? – We’ll know in 3 months.

Test 3 – Will they want to keep the device? We’ll know in 3 months.

And we’ll track it all in this Blog.

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Podium And Podcast Secrets

After possibly too much time deliberating, we’ve decided that for this round of our Podium testing, we’re going to simply work with a traditional USB ‘stick’ style MP3 player and put fears of proprietary systems on the shelf.

So, what does this mean in the real world?

Podcast Secrets is being sold a little differently than we thought. Every customer will get a custom MP3 player pre-loaded with the content from our 2006 East/West workshop, as well as some other great pieces of training content.

Dan Safkow of did the product design. See below:

Podcast Secrets MP3 Player

Podium works great with the iPod but the closed nature of Apple (and their ability to change the firmware at anytime) made it too risky on our first run.

We know how these MP3 players work – so updating them by the Podium Box makes so much sense.

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