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Tonight’s Call

Email is coming shortly with access information for tonight’s call. Please remember to email us with the phone number you’ll be calling from so we can identify you in the call-in list.


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All International Boxes Have Been Sent!

All International Boxes have been sent. If you have not received yours yet, please wait a few more days until Tuesday the 14th. If you have still not received them at this time, we’ll start a trace on the packages.

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Please Confirm Blue Light For Piece #9!

Piece #9 (Fred Castaneda reviewed his plans for a Premium Podcasting utilizing the PremiumCast service) has been sent to your boxes.

Please confirm that you are seeing the flashing blue ‘new content’ light before you download the content. We want to make sure that this feature is working.


p.s., Piece #10, we’re sending a valuable PDF file.

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First Beta Participant Roundtable – August 15, 530p, Pacific

We’re going to do our first beta participant roundtable on August 15 at 530p Pacific. It will be done by teleconference.

The topic for that call will be any technical problems you’ve seen or had and your thoughts on the initial setup process, etc. It will also be a chance for you to ask ANY questions about those topics to myself and a few participants from Casgle.

Please make it if you possibly can. There will be gift certificate drawings during the call to increase participation 😉

Please let us know here, via comment, if you can make the call. We’ll be emailing you individually with your access information.

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New Content – #8 – The Critique

Was released a few minutes ago. You boxes should be flashing blue around 1p today. Look for it!

#7 is being delivered fine – and a number of you have picked it up. If you haven’t received it, lets us know ASAP!


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Content Delivered So Far

Several of you have asked for a list of what we’ve sent so far and to update you here so that you know what to expect and when. Makes a lot of sense, so that’s what we’ll do.

So far we’ve sent:

Message 1 – The first Webcast recording. If you’d like the second one, let me know.

Message 2 – A Podcast Tools Direct episode. If you like it, you can sign up here.

Message 3 – The 7 Ways Changes lecture I gave at Notre Dame University last month.

Message 4 – Alex interviews Tim Ferriss of the 4-Hour Workweek.

Message 5 – The short contest update.

Message 6 – Altitude Training with Alex Mandossian.

Message 7 – Coming Soon … The Podcast Strategy Critique.

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Surprise Prize Broadcast Tomorrow

I’m going to email everyone in the group about this as well, but we’re going to have a little content tomorrow. Look for the flashing light tomorrow and listen as soon as you can. First two to comment on this message with the right response will win a very nice prize.

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Ready, Set, Go, The Video Shows The Setup Process

You’ll be getting an email shortly that explains all but here is the video that explains how to set up the Podium (now PodDeus, but that’s another story) for the very first time.

Please list your comments below (on the setup process, not my video making skills).

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Hang In There Beta Testers

Hang in there beta testers.

I could tell you funny little, but very geeky, stories about what has happened along the way of this beta.

We’ve learned a number of great things here about the product, and user rollout, so the “intent” of the beta from this end has been very exciting.

However, you haven’t seen any action yet and we’ll be fixing that this week.

Hang in there beta testers.

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No, Podium Doesn’t Work With Zune (At This Point)

A number of you have asked if Podium works with the Zune MP3 Player.

At this point, the answer is no.

I’ve communicated with some at Microsoft our desire to work with the product but haven’t heard back with any help yet.

If anyone at Microsoft would like to help us make Zune work with Podium, please let us know.

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